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Monday, 29 December 2008


Take a breath, put away those jingle bells, and get ready. 'Cause here comes 2009.
Happy New Year Everybody!

Something for some of us:

Something for the rest of us:

Something from me!

See you in '09!

xoxo Madeline

Monday, 22 December 2008

Santa's Sack

Just in case any of you are out there morosely searching for Man Candy Monday treats,
here's one that should help you make it through this week, with all its animated kiddie specials on TV (replacing perfectly respectable crime shows) Christmas carols everywhere (oh for a little Van Morrison muzac) unexpected and expected guests (where is my solitude) and comfort and joy.

I'm a few K away from finishing 'Sarah's Education' so you know what I'll be doing when I'm not chatting with Auntie about her hip operations (what is it the Inuit do with their elderly again?) and power eating shortbread.

Have a happy holiday, all!

xoxo Madeline

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Girl Can't Help It

Kickin' around, reading everyone else's blogs. Why not post on mine? I have so many things on my mind, things to rant about, or moan about, even things to brag about.

How come I'm lookin' at loltits for the thousandth time, instead?

Or, here's a thought. How about finishing that novel? I've about seven thousand words to go. My deadline in January 9 but I've recently learned that it's considered good form to get the book in ahead of deadline.
I did not know that.

Sarah's Education is coming along swimmingly. She's been educated, alright. hehe.
But writing a book is work. It seems, no matter what time I actually get up, that I can't start work until the pm. My internal clock refuses to tick. It's a twelve hour clock, I guess...so...best to get another cuppa coffee and make plans. Yeah!

Here's the thing - in the new year this is gonna be one hot blog. Contests! Sexy pics! Smart and sassy commentaries. I even have some of the posts written. But not yet...not quite yet...must finish book...

Here's one of my lol pix from the 'attack of lol pix' that I suffered a couple of weeks ago. This one still makes me laugh. I can't help myself...

Monday, 8 December 2008

Man Candy Monday

This fine fellow is Dale Howard. I sorta dropped the ball this Man Candy Monday, but it's still earlyish here in Canada, and still Monday in the UK.

I have this pesky early January deadline - but that's another story, for another post.
For now, enjoy Mr Howard's beauty...now see...Monday's aren't that bad, are they?

Monday, 1 December 2008

Man Candy Monday

Here's a handsome fellow looking to be looked at, wouldn't you say? His name is Kerry Degman. That's all I know, besides the fact that I like his thighs. Hey, I'm not a would-be biographer, I'm a wannabe pornographer.

I'm joining the Man Candy Monday crusade started by BICEPS, because everyone can use a little sweetness on a Monday morning.

How do you like it so far? Happy viewing!

xoxo Madeline

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Cliterature features my book!

Look who's novel is featured in Juicy Bits, Scarlet magazine's December novel excerpt. I'll give you a hint - the novel is called Amanda's Young Men.

I'm chuffed to fuck by this, my friends.

There's another Black Lace author with a story in the Cliterature section of the December issue. I'll give you a hint - the character in the story loves to be humiliated, verbally as well as physically. Can you guess who would write such a sordid story?

Hey! Why not just buy the magazine and find out? It's a terrific read. I learned something from this issue, and that's more than I can say about most women's magazines. Usually the cover says something like 'How to drive him wild in bed,' and then tells you to suck his cock and talk dirty. Really? Like every woman out there doesn't know that? But not Scarlet. Scarlet tells you stuff you do not know...like how to be a good puppy...or bunny...stuff you can use to really surprise your mate.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Christmas is a Coming and the Pecs are lookin' good!

Hey! Hunky dude can stuff my stocking anytime!

December is right around the corner. No kidding. You know what that means. Christmas madness.

I'm of two minds about Xmas. I like the tree and all the decorations, especially tinsel, I like Clementine oranges, and I like Christmas carols. I'm OK with turkey and all the trimmings, and giving and getting gifts. But I don't like all the time Christmas takes up. It's already started and the whole holiday season won't be over until the second of January. That's just too much time, especially for someone who has a book deadline of January 8.

My new Black Lace novel, Sarah's Education, should be available in July 2009. That's only a few months after Amanda's Young Men becomes available in the US and Canada. OF course, Wild Card is available now, everywhere.

Three Black Lace novels. How did that happen? I dunno exactly, but I do know that all three have had January deadlines. Which is just fine with me. I'd rather be writing the old year out and the new year in than partying. Sad? Maybe, but true.

Friday, 21 November 2008

I Get Interviewed

Today the wonderfully talented Nikki Magennis features an interview with me!

Want to know who inspires me? How I came to be a writer? Stuff like that?
Then head over to her blog, and here comes the link - Nikki - and read the interview!

Thursday, 13 November 2008


I love the BICEPS Bitches but I'm too skeered to continue commenting on their blog, which aims to get sexy men on the covers of erotica novels for women.

But that doesn't mean I don't support them in their crusade. Here's a link to them:

and here's one of those lol picture dealies that they crack me up with on their blog.
I made this myself, sorta, and if you want to make one too, again, head over to BICEPS, consider their cause, and follow their links.

That's it for now, dear reader. Hey! Dear reader, you wanna piece o' me? Oh, right, you are me.

I love you

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Halloween Giveaway Prizewinners!!

Join me and the other Lusties at Lust Bites on Wednesday, November 12 for the announcement of the three winners of the Lust Bites Halloween Giveaway.

Plenty of good reading to be had as winners and runners ups are excerpted on Lust Bites. If you entered the contest, you might be the winner of this:

or this:

If you didn't win Lust at First Bite you can still own it!

Buy now in the UK: Amazon.co.uk.

Preorder in the US: Amazon.com

Thank you, to everyone who entered the competition. It wasn't easy to pick three prizewinners from the plethora of scary, sexy stories that were submitted. Good stuff!

xoxo Madeline

Monday, 27 October 2008

Halloween Giveaway

We ain't scared of no ghosts! In fact, at Lust Bites, we're woooooooooing them!

Starting Wed. October 29 you will have one week to write us a sexy, spooky story of no more than 200 words. The deadline for submission is Nov. 5. First prize is a bunch of sexy books, second prize is one copy of Lust at First Bite, and third prize is also a copy of Lust at First Bite.

All the details are at Lust Bites!

Don't miss out on a chance to win!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Felix on Lust Bites

This week on Lust Bites, my own true love, Felix Baron, joins us. On Wednesday, Oct. 22, Felix submits to an interview and lets us peek between the covers of his Nexus novels Dominant, Sweet as Sin, and The Persian Girl. One lucky commenter will win a copy of his novel Dominant,and another lucky commenter will win a copy of Sweet as Sin.

On Friday we'll feature a couple of excerpts from The Persian Girl, available now in the UK and for preorder in the US. This is a bawdy adventurous story featuring Sir Richard Burton. It's my favourite of Felix's novels, and one lucky commenter will win a copy of it.

Don't miss out on your chance to own Dominant


Sweet as Sin

or The Persian Girl,

all Nexus novels penned by Felix Baron.

See you at Lust Bites!

love Madeline

Friday, 3 October 2008

Diet for Writers

Join me at Lust Bites on Monday, October 6, for a fun look at the special needs of writers who try to lose weight. My sources are a tad unusual and my conclusions a wee bit weird but that's not surprising - I'm talking about writers!

yuck! what is this stuff? Mung beans comes to mind...

Here's a recipe from 'The CanLit Foodbook, which is featured in today's blog on Lust Bites The introduction is by the editor, Margaret Atwood.

Michael Ondaatje's Grapefruit

The grapefruit is appropriate for poets, who can meditate on its roundness and yellowness, but also for novelists, who can describe the way the juice squirts out into your eye. Hence it is the perfect fruit for all-rounder Ondaatje, who scorns the addition of sugar.

1 grapefruit, chilled

1. Cut a chilled grapefruit in half. This is more difficult than you think, as
grapefruits are not symmetrical.

2. Run a grapefruit knife around the inside of the skin.

3. Cut individual segments out from the centre.

4. Eat with spoon.

Do you diet? Are you there?

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Leonard Cohen

I hope you've already been to Lust Bites today (Wednesday, September 17), where my 'Crush Wednesday' post is all about Leonard Cohen. If not, go here now and join in the fun!

My Leonard Cohen anecdote:

It was the first time Leonard had played Canada in ten years. He was appearing at Massey Hall. But - how to afford tickets? My husband and I just didn't have the cash.

My good friend, who has a marvelous Leonard Cohen anecdote of her own, was listening to the radio and heard the announcer say that the first person to phone in with the correct name of the Cohen song he was playing would win two tickets to the concert! She listened to the song - and had no idea of it's name.

Undaunted, she phoned in anyway. 'My friends are huge fans,' she said. 'You have to give them these tickets!'

The announcer was having problems. No one knew the name of the song. He told her the name and said, 'Call back and if no-one's called in with the correct name in the meantime, I'll give you the tickets.'

No-one did, she called back, and won the tickets for us. Thank you forever, my friend!

The evening of the concert I was in a quandary. Not about what to say to Leonard, when we met, as I'd already memorised a number of witty, intelligent, artsy comments that would show him how worthy I was of his company. No, the question at hand was - Should I wear my glasses, the better to see Leonard in concert? Or my contacts, so that after the show, when we met, as we were fated to do, I'd be a prettier face for Leonard to focus on?

Since my memory of the concert is a dark, satisfying blur, I think I must've gone with the contacts. Oh the concert was spectacular. We were a bit late arriving, so as we walked in, Leonard was taking the stage. We arrived to applause. Our seats were fabulous. The music was divine. When it was encore time, I merely whispered,'Joan of Arc' and, as if he heard me, he whispered back the first lines of that ethereal song.

And then it was over. John and I joined a hopeful throng gathered around the stage doors. We waited for a long time, then a line of musicians exited. No Leonard. Finally a big ol' roadie stuck his head out and said, 'He's gone, folks. He's not coming out.'

I could hardly believe it. As John and I walked past the front of Massey Hall, I tried to console myself. Why feel bad about not meeting him? The concert had been everything I could've hoped for. Why cast a negative light on a perfect evening. But, I'd been so sure...

John nudged me. I glanced at him. He jerked his head to one side. Leonard Cohen was walking beside him.

Oh God! We reached the cross walk. Don't walk. The four of us (Leonard was with a big male companion, likely a bodyguard) stopped. John turned to Leonard. 'It's so good to have you back, Leonard' he said. They shook hands. John introduced me. We shook hands. I shook. 'Leonard,' I said, 'I love you.'

The light changed and Leonard went first. We watched as he strolled down the street with his pal. Suddenly, he paused, glanced over his shoulder and gave us the thumbs up.

It was as if we'd been blessed.

Sometimes I still laugh at what I said when I met Leonard Cohen. But truthfully, I think it was perfect.
We didn't have a lot of time to chat, and I spoke honestly, from the heart.

My Best Friend's Anecdote:

She was living with a musician who worked in musical theatre. One night, after the show, the cast and friends were hanging around the theatre, trying to decide what to do. It was late, probably after 1 am.
'What do you want to do?' 'I want to go for Chinese food.'
'What do you want to do?' 'I want to go home.'
'What do you want to do?' 'I want to get high.'
And then it was her turn. Her answer to, 'What do you want to do?' was simple. 'I want to meet Leonard Cohen,' she said.

The gang settled on a visit to an after hours bar. It was small, crowded, dark. At the bar sat a solitary figure - you guessed it - Leonard Cohen.

Of course, she had a terrific opening line. She sat down on the stool beside him and said, 'I told my friends earlier on this evening that I wanted to meet you, and here you are.'

They chatted for about half an hour, then Leonard left.

She's an angel, (Do you know anyone who would decide to win tickets to a Cohen concert for her friends, and actually give up the tickets once she had them in hand?) and miracles happen in her life.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Check out my post today on 'Writing for Film'

Today, on Lust Bites, I blog on 'Writing For Film or, Any idiot can make a movie.'
Come on, you know you want to join in the fun!

I'll be talking about McCabe and Mrs. Miller, a great movie by the late great Robert Altman.

The script most used to talk about writing scripts, Chinatown, also gets discussed - in a quote from by Robert Towne, the writer of the script.

The movie that really blows the socks off movies about writing movies also gets a thumbs up and a little coverage from yours truly. I'm talking about Adaptation.

There's helpful hints on how to weed the lunatic wannabe producers from the real ones, and annecdotes from my personal history as a writer for film.

Join in. The party's already started!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Mad Moore dishes on the TV writing business

Monday, August 11, I don my scriptwriting hat to tell the readers of Lust Bites all about the perils and the pay of scriptwriting. Join in the fun and come by Lust Bites on Monday!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Hot Stuff from Amanda's Young Men

Today, over on Lust Bites, my post on boy toys is largely pictorial in nature.

So, if it's whet your appetite for more, here's a little snippet from my new Black Lace novel, Amanda's Young Men. It's available now in the UK, for preorder in the US, and not yet in Canada.

This scene takes place early in the novel, in fact it is Amanda's first seduction of a young man. She and Rupert are in the stacks at the shoe store he works at (and she owns) but he doesn't know she's his new boss:

Amanda...took his hand and placed it on the bare inside of her thigh. He gulped. She guided his fingers, moving their tips in tight little circles over her taut skin.
‘I…’ he started.
Amanda touched his lips with the fingers of her free hand, hushing him. ‘Talk later - after.’ She steered his fingertips a fraction higher with each circle they made. The panties she’d put on that morning were pale green lace, boy-cut, with wide legs. His fingertips stroked up under the dainty garment and brushed against her naked, puffy nether lips. Rupert sucked a deep breath. Amanda pressed on his hand, palpitating her labia with his fingertips.
‘That’s nice,’ she whispered. ‘Now try this.’ She pulled his fingers out from under her panties and folded all but his index one into his palm. With her finger on the back of his, she guided him to where the lace covered the soft, pearl-button-like bump of her clitoris. She used her finger to make his finger scratch over its lace-mantled head. It was her turn to shiver. ‘Keep doing that, just like that, very gently.’
‘I’ll do whatever you tell me to,’ he husked.
‘Good boy.’ Amanda unbuttoned her blouse and spread it wide.
Rupert’s eyes widened at the sight of her plump rosy-nippled breasts. His free hand lifted to touch them but Amanda intercepted it. ‘Do as I tell you, when I tell you, and not until.’
‘Yes…’ He trailed off.
‘You may call me Ms Amanda.’
‘Yes, Ms Amanda.’
Amanda rolled her left nipple gently, just to see the hunger in his eyes. She too, was suffering. The gentle through-the-lace scratching on her joy button made her desperate for more direct stimulation, but…
What the hell! She was in charge. Why wait?
She put her hand on the top of Rupert’s head and pushed down. ‘Move my panties aside. Put your tongue to work.’
‘I’ve never…’
He’d never gone down on a girl? How delicious! She’d had many experiences in her life but this was one she’d either never experienced, or experienced so long ago she held no memory of it. She was about to be serviced by a young and virgin tongue. Just the thought of it had her dripping with anticipation and that made it even better. His first taste was going to be a really wet one. Amanda decided that if he performed well, she’d reward him amply.
She said, ‘Lick my pussy lips first, long and slow, from where they join at the bottom right up to my…’she almost said ‘joy button’ but stopped herself in time ‘… my clit.’
He obeyed and had the instinct to give an extra little flick of his tongue when he reached her sensitive polyp.
‘Good boy. Now grip it between your lips and lap at it with the tip of your tongue. Start slowly and then go faster and faster until I climax.’
‘Clima’?’ he asked.
‘That’s right, and when I do, I expect you to suck all my juices out. You are going to do that, right?’
‘No teeth! Just – that’s right, lips and tongue…just your lips and tongue, Rudolf.’
‘ ‘uper’,’ he mumbled.
‘Of course. Rupert. Just like that, Rupert, you’ve got it now, keep that up, don’t vary the rhythm yet, just…mmhmm…just exactly like that.’ Amanda stopped talking and focused on the sensations. What he lacked in expertise he certainly made up for in enthusiasm. He was good at following direction, which was a thrill, and it seemed that she was good at giving it, which was, perhaps, an even greater thrill.
When his licking started to really get to her, Amanda gripped his hair in both hands, the better to grind his upturned face against her sex. Her hips gyrated. The lad followed her clit, licking frantically. She pressed herself down on his mouth. Her hands clenched into fists but if his scalp hurt he made no sign. Lucky for him, too, because nothing, nothing was allowed to get between her and the orgasm that was curled like a snake in the pit of her belly and now, right freaking now, uncoiled at lightning speed. It struck at her clit, again and then again, delivering not poisonous venom but a pleasure potion that nonetheless might be fatal.
‘God….’ Amanda’s stocking feet arched, her toes curled. Sweet venom coursed through her veins, more like lightning, now, than any sort of liquid. It shot out the tips of her toes and her fingertips and exploded out of the top of her goddam head. ‘Fuck!’
Amanda’s hold on Rupert’s hair loosened but she held his head in place until the last shudder left her and she was able to stand without leaning. She pulled him erect. He was grinning. His face glistened with her juices.
‘How’d I do?’ he asked.
She allowed him a, ‘Good boy.’

Like it? So, order it!

love Madeline Moore

Friday, 27 June 2008

Amanda's Young Men

My second Black Lace novel, Amanda's Young Men, is available now in the UK.

Since Wild Card, my first, was published, a few of my short stories have appeared in anthologies, so I'm starting to get used to the peculiar feeling of being a published author, but the launch of a novel is still a big deal.

My author copies, alas, are lost in the mail, so I haven't yet been able to crack open the book and inhale the aroma of my new book. I can hardly wait.

When Wild Card arrived, I admit I spent most of the weekend reading my own book. I'll probably do the same again, though it's embarrassing to admit. Though it might be nice to be cool, like my paramour Felix Baron, who barely glances at the cover of his latest novel before piling his author copies into the 'author copy' drawer in our office, and getting back to work on his new stuff, I'm not nor ever will be as cool as he, and make no bones about it.

I don't drink anymore so there'll be no popping of champagne corks, no launch parties, no book signings...but...

my porno pals at Lust Bites will be celebrating the UK release of Amanda's Young Men all day today! Yay for Amanda, Yay for me, and Yay Yay Yay for Lust Bites!

Come join in the fun, post a comment, and you just might win a signed copy (when my author copies arrive.)

kisses from me to you, xoxo Mad.

ps = a week from now, Friday July 4,I'll be posting a piece on Lust Bites that's all about boy toys. Yum! Here's a little taste of what's to come:

Amanda's Young Men - buy in the UK from Amazon.co.uk

Amanda's Young Men - preorder in the US from Amazon.com

Sunday, 8 June 2008


Sorry I haven't been blogging (or writing) all that much, but I've been too busy taking advantage of all the free stuff my new friends have been offering me. Yeah, that's right! I have a tonne of new friends! Their names are a little strange - like - Xcite2nite and madelinemoorewhatastupidfaceyouhave (that one's more of an acquaintance) and lose20poundsovernite - but I've lived in Thailand so I don't consider odd sounding names a detriment to friendship. It's very likely that MR OBJANA MARINATES (this African guy who is sharing a huge amount of $$ with me after a rich guy's plane went down five years ago and no heirs claimed the rich guy's bank account) finds the name Madeline Moore rather odd sounding. I just hope he can follow the banking information I sent him - I'd hate to lose out on all that money because he couldn't decipher my transit numbers.

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone wants a laptop for Christmas because I'm basically getting one free laptop a day! Which is so weird because I was moaning about not having one - every female writer should have a laptop and write in bed, I happen to think - and then all these offers started coming in. So - at last count I should be expecting about a dozen, any day now. Even for a serious writer like myself, that's a lot of laptops, so once they've all arrived and I've chosen the ones I want to keep, I'll give away the rest! Why not? I'm going to have a plethora of pentel. An overabundance of gigabytes! A cornucopia of pixels. Yay!

You might not recognize me soon because yes, I'm going to LOSE 20 POUNDS OVERNITE as soon as my FREE TRIAL arrives, and I'm receiving more than one free trial.

I think a few days will do it, and if there's any of the stuff left over I'll share it with you, too. I can't wait to be as slender as my favourite model - and without all that messy white powder, too. Isn 't the world wide web a wonderful thing? Who'd have thought, even a few years ago, that a person could lose 20 pounds overnight? It's like a miracle.

Don't think just because I'm going to be gorgeous and rich soon that I'll be lazy, either. I have a new at home job where I'm GUARANTEED to make $2,000 a day! I'm still fuzzy on the details but now that I've signed the contract I'm sure I'll get an information package that explains everything.

I don't even want to mention how huge my penis will be by the end of the summer....and I don't even have one right now!


Thursday, 24 April 2008

Companion to my April 28, 2008 Lust Bites Post on Proofreading

Instruction on the use of this press (according to Frank S. Henry's Printing for School and Shop, 1917) are:

"To obtain a proof on a galley-press the galley containing the type is placed on the flat bed, the type is inked with a brayer, a sheet of paper is placed on the type, and the roller is run over the face of the type. Owing to the fact that the roller frequently squeezes the type into the paper, the paper is apt to slip over the face of the type and smear the proof. This can be avoided by holding the paper tightly against the roller and rolling them together over the face of the type. Care should be taken to see that the galley has not too thick a bottom, for if the impression is too heavy there is no way of altering it. If the impression is too light, a thin cardboard or a sheet or two of manila paper under the galley will correct the fault. The press is intended only for galleys of type, not for small jobs."

The two pictures of the presses, here and on today's post on Proofreading, are from Galley Proof Press.

For those who didn't fall for my 'wet panties' link, the description of STET is from webster. Click on the link to see all the lovely symbols and how they work and what they mean.

Daniel Radcliffe is eighteen, you perv! That makes him legal.

Blogging on Lust Bites - Monday April 28, 2008


I'll be posting the Monday blog on Lust Bites so please come read my piece and comment. I hope it'll be at least as entertaining as it is informative, and I have a few things to say on the subject. I'm sure my Lustie pals will, too. Is reading the author's proofs of your own novel fun or tedious? How does it compare to proofing for other writers? What are the tricks of the trade? Will Madeline somehow manage to make hot pix of nekkid men relevant to the topic?

Find out on Monday! See you there, I hope.

Sunday, 20 April 2008


Spring into spring, they say, and that's what I'm doing. Today I've completed a submission to the Black Lace antho "Lust Bites 2". It's my first paranormal story, to fit the requirements of a tale of blood and lust - vampiric. The idea is so good I'm afraid it might already have been done, but that's no surprise. Good ideas are like that and, as you read on, you will see why I might be particularly ticklish on that point.

To tone up my language I read 'Queen of the Damned" by Anne Rice. She gets to me. I basically suffered through the whole damn book and when I finally finished it I thought, 'I love you, Lestat.' Don't ask me to explain...

Yes, I've gone all paranormal on you. It could be worse, though. I'd decided I'd better get on the paranormal bandwagon before I was left behind, choking on Olivia's dust, and Portia's, and Janine's...etc. so I went to the vast reference section in Felix's library and took down the books on Myths, Legends and Ghosts. After a few days of poring over them, I had it. And it was good, it was very, very good.

Luckily for me I had a few things to wrap up before pulling together the proposal for Black Lace. And then I got sick, which I do every winter here in Canada. Yes, Canada is for the hardy and we Canadians all claim to be hardy, but, ahem, I am not.
So, whilst malingering on the sofa sipping consommé and whining for ginger ale, I viewed movies. Movies I should have seen in the theater, but hadn't, and so was now viewing them long, long past their debut.

My paranormal story was to be the story of Calypso, Queen of the Mermaids, and her love for the Captain of the cursed ship' The Flying Dutchman.'

Oh my, can you imagine the surprise as I watched Pirate's of the Caribbean Three?

Gack. Okay, Calypso, no problem, but...once her love for the captain of The Flying Dutchman was revealed, there went my story. Bye bye...boo hoo...bye bye.

It could have been worse. I might have actually submitted it to BL to be told, 'Seen any good movies lately, Madeline?'

Anyway, I'd rather write about THIS pirate anyday:

A close call. Still, it kind of kills me that I came up with the idea, just like all the Imagineers at Disney. I wonder what they got paid for the plot? Since I also write screenplays, it's just that much more galling.

Of course, the real lesson is - PAY ATTENTION TO POPULAR CULTURE, WOMAN!

Hmmm, perusing my blog I see I already whined about this. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BLOG WOMAN! Argh!

I'm all better now, and all the pasty Canucks are parading up and down the avenue in their shorts (which I understand the English abhor, is that true?) but me? I've got to go back to my vampire story and shave another 170 words off and then. Then I press Send.

Wish me luck.