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Sunday, 19 December 2010

It Takes A Village to Raise the Spirits of a Writer

If you're new to my blog you might want to read the post that came directly before this one: Kind Family and Friends . . . From this post you will likely ascertain that Madeline got her feelings hurt, out there in the real world.
That's correct. A week ago, at right about the time I'm writing this, I was shunned by women at Christmas Event.

As I'm hypersensitive and prone to malingering, I imagined I'd ruined my Christmas at the party that was supposed to launch the Festive Season. Bummer, for someone who had a very bad Christmas last year (let's see: sold jewellery and borrowed money from ex-husband to buy gifts for the kids, Deadline for delivery of book was late December, and, oh that's right, Felix went into the hospital with Swine Flu on Dec. 29 and fought for his life for 9 full days. dear God, deliver me from evil . . .)

He's feeling much better now, thank you.


As a writer I know exactly how to move the evil out of my head - just spew it into the world. Happily as a writer I also know, post-spew, that the resulting piece of prose needs rewriting before posting. So up went the blog post referred to in the above paragraph.

OMG. You - you - you Brilliant Beasts of A Feather! You flocked to my defence! Don't try to deny it, you know you did. THANK YOU.

(Okay fine, I just wanted an excuse to post Fabulangel at Christmastime.
He's so beautiful!)

You circled me with your wagons and protected me from the volley of poison-tipped arrows pointed my way.

You offered me your Shun Shield, to keep for as long as I need it.

By which I mean, you linked to my post and commented on my post and signed up to follow my blog.

Great Muskie fuggin' freaky deaky freakout, you healed me.

Christopher! I feel better! I do, I feel better and it's thanks to you. I want to round you all up in a padded room and lick your beautiful faces until my tongue doethent work anymorth (except for Demi and Mary T, my sisters, and Kim, my stepdaughter. I do not want to lick your faces, I want to buy you ice cream.)

I feel like making out with someone who is not supposed to make out with other women

I feel like creating a 'bangatar' and winning the CTV.ca contest prize, which is a trip to LA to watch a taping of The Big Bang Theory.

Sayyyyyy, how about voting for my bangatar right here? It'll only take a moment and if I win, I'll be able to give you the inside scoop on *Sheldon* when I return.

Any takers? yes or no, dear writer pals, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for cheering me up in time to enjoy the holidays.

I adore you all.

xoxo Mad