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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pretty As A Porn Star - NOW!

Today, August 23, is launch day for my Mischief petite novel, Pretty As A Porn Star.

Click right here to go to the site.

Believe me, for less than one pound sterling, you will get many more pounds of flesh.

This little novel has everything you have relied on Madeline Moore to give you in the past:


kinky sex

girlie-girlie sex

hot sex

witty dialogue

a few good laughs and

yeah, sex.

But this time around, you'll find a few things I haven't offered my marvelous readers in the past:

public sex

sex on film

true love!

And a groovy cover that captures the allure of those Los Angeles women we all adore..

"Oh boo hoo Madeline Moore, this is a digital book and I don't have an e-reader."

Neither do I! But I can still read digital tales and so can you. Adobe offers a digital reader you can download for free! Easy as one, two, three.

For .99 pounds sterling (that's less than one pound) you can buy the book and upload the epub. edition to your Adobe reader.

Just think. In the time it's taken you to read this blog post, you could be reading my book.

Here's a taste of what's in store for you:

      ‘Action!’ yelled Luke.
      The bedroom door burst open and Kara charged into the room, wearing the white satin bustière that laced up the back and white stay ups (one with a ladder she’d complained of in Scene One) and stilettos she’d had on at the end of the scene. Her chest and face were freshly-fucked pink in a pleasant contrast to virginal white. Her breasts bounced in their twin satin cradles and her dark, hard nipples played peek-a-boo with the viewer as she raced around the room.
      ‘No!’ she screamed.
      Gary charged after her, buck naked. He was hirsute (albeit with a clean shaven face); from chest to ankles he was dark with black hair. His pubes and underarms were thick with it. He carried a bottle of lube and, as he pursued his prey, he pumped some into his other hand and fisted it onto his rigid cock.
      Luke flashed Marion a peace sign. She was already positioned beside the second cameraman and now she tapped his shoulder.
      While Jimmy, the operator of camera one as well as D.P., continued to shoot the full scene, Paul’s camera two followed the cock’s progress, zoomed in at the prearranged mark just as Gary’s cock paused, then panned slowly back to resume its pursuit of the bride.
      This was their first two-camera shoot and everyone was pretty pumped up about it. Luke wanted Gary’s hard-on, as it zeroed in on Kara like a heat-seeking missile, shot up-close and real personal. It seemed he was getting what he wanted.
      ‘You promised, Mrs Bottomsby.’
      ‘I’m not ready,’ pleaded Kara. She collapsed in the middle of her oh-so-recently abandoned wedding gown. ‘I’m too scared.’
      ‘I’ll make you ready, baby, don’t worry. And don’t be scared. You’re gonna love this.’
      Gary pounced on Kara. He kissed her long and hard.
      She visibly relaxed. ‘I love you, Mr Bottomsby.’
      ‘I love you, too,’ he said. ‘Now assume the position!’
      Kara burst into tears. She grasped the head of the hidden zipper in the front of her bustière and in a moment the lingerie was unzipped and discarded, the lacing up the back as tight as ever.
      The crew looked as one to their leader. Even Marion, who’d performed the unsung, essential duties of First A.D. with such finesse Luke had begun to wonder how he’d ever directed without her, goggled at him.
      He made a short, circular motion with his index finger. Keep rolling. They hadn’t had a lot of time for rehearsal but he was one hundred percent certain his leading lady was not in real distress.
      Gary gave Kara a sharp smack on each cheek of her bum. ‘Spread ‘em baby, or I’ll spread ‘em for you.’
      Make that ninety percent.
      Kara sniffled and knelt up nicely, her elbows on the brushed fake suede of the sofa, her knees and thighs surrounded by netting and crepe. The look she gave Gary, over her shoulder, was wide-eyed and reproachful.
      ‘Please, husband . . . don’t hurt me.’
      Gary grinned. He licked his lips. He parted the cheeks of her ass with his hands, exposing Kara’s pink asshole. He sat back, as if admiring it, giving camera two ample time to zoom in and hold on a tight close up of her tight hole.
      Luke nodded, Marion tapped, and camera two zoomed in.
      ‘Aww baby, you know you can trust me,’ said Gary. He leant in, teasing her hole with the tip of his tongue. ‘Doesn’t that feel just like a . . . like a rose petal, caressing your pretty little virgin hole, all soft and sweet?
      ‘Ye – yes . . . ’
      ‘Mm . . . gorgeous . . . every inch of you is so fucking gorgeous I feel . . . one minute I feel like I could . . . mm . . . I could lavish you with little kisses all day . . . ’
      Kara arched her back a little, presenting her bottom as Mrs Vixen might present hers to Mr Fox. Her head tilted back, as if his low, cooing praise was, like his tongue, imparting such a delicate sense that she needed to lean in a little to catch it.
      ‘. . . and the next . . .’ Gary fisted another dollop of lube onto his dick, ‘. . . the next I want to roar with pride!’ He rolled back onto his heels, lifted an inch and jammed his cock to its hilt up Kara’s ass.
      Kara screamed.
      Gary roared.
      Luke stepped back. Hadn’t Kara agreed to star in a porn shoot as long as it wasn’t ‘too kinky’? This stuff was so not in the script. He pointed at his ear. Marion tapped the soundman on his back. He nodded. She nodded.
      Gary pulled almost all the way out.
      Tears rolled down Kara’s cheeks. ‘Honey it hurts, it hurts . . . ’
      ‘Only for a minute, sweetcheeks,’ Gary said. ‘Trust me, baby.’
      ‘I do.’
      ‘There’s my girl. I do. Remember what you promised, now. I promise to love –’ he buried his cock in her ass in another smooth, hard stroke. This time his body dropped forward, too, so that chest was against her back and his arms and hands on either side of hers, keeping her in place.
      ‘Honour – ’
      Kara’s head dropped a little.
      His mouth pressed up close to her ear.
      ‘And obey.’

Well, what can film students do, in their final year of university, when the Film Studies tuition suddenly jumps sky high? If some of them are pretty as porn stars and all of them want to make movies, the obvious answer to the dilemma is: make porn movies and use the profits to pay the tuition.

Makes perfect sense, don't you think?

BUY THE BOOK! I promise you won't be disappointed! It's more of the Madeline Moore you've come to know and love.

xoxo Mad

ps: to the charming Vietnam vet who sent me a fan letter not so long ago, to which I responded with a promise to let you know when my next story was released: I can't find you in my emails so I'm telling you right here on my blog. This is my latest story. I'd love to know if you enjoyed it as much as you've enjoyed my previous work.