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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cut Up Poetry

I have been inspired by Kristina Lloyd's post on cut ups, (which you might wish to check out after you read my post) to create a cut up poem of my own. A word of explanation: as a gift to Felix I took the poems he had written for me and cut lines from them. These were collected in a box so that, should he ever need inspiration, he could pick a slip of paper from the box and read his own marvellous words. I'm sorry to say that the original poems are lost, so these cut ups are all that are left. This is particularly unfortunate as he wrote an entire sonnet for me.

I've taken the slips of paper and created this cut-up poem. Cut-up by Madeline Moore. Words by Felix Baron. Printed, of course, with his permission.

In my youth I hunted for that impossible woman
the one I desired above all things, to own.
I grew weary; the hunting stopped.
You came and lay your head in my lap.

I will make love to you forever,
my sweet, deliciously depraved, slut.

You are imprisoned in my palace,
where you reign under my foot.

I value your pristine beauty
and deface it in proof of its infinite worth.

When your mind is blank
You are sagacious beyond natural wisdom.

You have no defence but your vulnerability
So your armour is adamantine.

Without your neck beneath my foot, I am unbalanced.
Without you riding me, I am weighed down.

When my cock isn’t in you, I have no cock.

Your serenity inspires in me such cruelty
that if I could reach so deep, I would mark your soul . . . but I need not.
It is branded already, by your own hand
and the smouldering scar spells out my name.

Alas, all that remains of the Sonnet:

So deep is she that ‘humble’ seems like ‘proud,’
So lovely, Aphrodite bears a frown
And Her divine form shamefully does shroud,
Deep in the folds of Her celestial gown.

But mine is wise, as wise as she is brave.
Surrender brings her all that she could crave.

Photo Credits:
lion:dominance - sonja anderson fineartamerica.com
resting lions: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/lion_lioness_resting
Aphrodite:by Lenasharmen Photobucket.com

Monday, 31 January 2011

Eye Candy Monday - Nicki Minaj

O.M.G. who is this beautiful beast? A singer, I gather, although I haven't heard her voice, yet. I don't know anything about her except this:

No wait, I know this about her, too: I know how to pronounce her name. Minaj (Me-naj)

I think she might like to drink champagne.

I'm guessing she likes to play with herself and if I were her I'd like to play with myself, too. If I were me, I'd like to play with her. Wait a minute, I am me! Nicki Minaj, come play with me. In your dreams, you say?
Okay. Nightie night.

And that's all I know. Except that in my opinion, she makes most excellent Monday Morning Eye Candy and if you don't agree with me, well . . .

I'll let her tell you what I think of that.

pictures: http://www.anorak.co.uk/