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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Contest Time!

Guess who decided to buy my cougar novel? Yes, those kinky Germans, already avid readers of Lust - Poker and Lektionen will soon be able to order - um - Amanda's Junger Manner or something like that.

Here's a young German hunk:
His name is Kamil Bak.

Want to see his face?
Are you sure?

Pardon me. That's not his face. That's him looking down at his torn tee shirt. Oh me oh my. I wonder if Amanda tore it off him?

Here's a picture of his face. I wonder if his name changes to Kamil Front.

Here's a fun little contest.
Guess what Amanda's Young Men will be titled in German and if you guess correctly, I'll send you a copy of Lust-Poker and a copy of Lektionen.

Lord knows, I've got quite a few of them kicking around.

Viel Gluck.

xoxo Mad

ps - I don't know how to umlaut on Blogger, so sue me.

Monday, 14 February 2011

A Valentine for . . . Charlie Sheen

This is a special edition of Eye Candy Monday. Not all the pictures are pretty.

Remember, Charlie, when you smiled like this?

But you don't smile that way any more. For quite some time, shots of Charlie Sheen show a grim guy wearing a hat and shades.

Word is, you're thinking of getting gold teeth. For fun? Well, maybe . . .
or maybe it's because when you do smile, showing your teeth, you look like this:

Readers may ask why I send a Valentine to a guy who hits women.

This guy has hit women:

I think drugs and alcohol had a lot (I'm not saying everything) to do with why he did. And why you do.
Eminem had the guts to record a song, with Rihanna, called "Love the Way You Lie," that actually examines violence against women. It isn't really as simple an issue as we thought it was. I learned this from an abused wife I tried to help. Now, we've all learned it, from Eminem and Rihanna.

But he had to get better to make an album like Recovery. (Winner of the 2011 Grammy for best Rap Album of the Year)

You're in rehab now, Charlie. You could recover. Here's a guy who looked like he was down for the count, not all that long ago. This is Robert Downey, Jr.'s mug shot. He went to rehab and paid attention. And he did it. Day by day, for ten years now, he has stayed away from the same demons that are killing you.

Now he looks like this.

Charlie, you are the highest paid actor on TV and the star of a hit comedy show, Two and a Half Men that is now in its eighth season. You're number one, man. Except today the last episode that's been shot will air, after which the show goes "on hiatus." It's all up to you, now.
Please get better.

I'm not afraid. To take a stand.
Everybody, come take my hand.
We'll walk this road together.

- Not afraid, from Recovery, by Eminem.

Charlie Sheen, you are not alone.

Love, Madeline

addendum: this just in: Charlie acts weird on sports radio.