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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Cliterature features my book!

Look who's novel is featured in Juicy Bits, Scarlet magazine's December novel excerpt. I'll give you a hint - the novel is called Amanda's Young Men.

I'm chuffed to fuck by this, my friends.

There's another Black Lace author with a story in the Cliterature section of the December issue. I'll give you a hint - the character in the story loves to be humiliated, verbally as well as physically. Can you guess who would write such a sordid story?

Hey! Why not just buy the magazine and find out? It's a terrific read. I learned something from this issue, and that's more than I can say about most women's magazines. Usually the cover says something like 'How to drive him wild in bed,' and then tells you to suck his cock and talk dirty. Really? Like every woman out there doesn't know that? But not Scarlet. Scarlet tells you stuff you do not know...like how to be a good puppy...or bunny...stuff you can use to really surprise your mate.


Nikki Magennis said...

hehe, 'chuffed to fuck'.

I love it, Madeline! Grats on Amanda's Young Men, and the Scarlet appearance.

kristina lloyd said...

Congrats, Madeline!

And, gosh, I can't think who on earth the other dirty filth Black Lace writer might be.

Madeline Moore said...

'chuffed to fuck' is the British Army version of chuffed, according to Felix Baron.

Yeah, Kristina, the story is particularly sordid in that the main character gets stuffed into a rabbit hutch. Can you imagine getting off on that? Hmmm...I can...reminds me of my answer to a friend who asked, 'Don't you find -aparticularsexact-painful and degrading?' to which I replied, 'Yes. That's why I like it.'

HOHOHO. Not my friend anymore, I'm afraid.

kristina lloyd said...

*Yes. That's why I like it.*

You're a woman after my own heart. Nice one.

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh well done Madeline!

I once sent a story in to Scarlet and they didn't even bother to reply, so you're doing better than I am!

I might just stop being huffy long enough to buy December's issue then...