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Sunday, 20 April 2008


Spring into spring, they say, and that's what I'm doing. Today I've completed a submission to the Black Lace antho "Lust Bites 2". It's my first paranormal story, to fit the requirements of a tale of blood and lust - vampiric. The idea is so good I'm afraid it might already have been done, but that's no surprise. Good ideas are like that and, as you read on, you will see why I might be particularly ticklish on that point.

To tone up my language I read 'Queen of the Damned" by Anne Rice. She gets to me. I basically suffered through the whole damn book and when I finally finished it I thought, 'I love you, Lestat.' Don't ask me to explain...

Yes, I've gone all paranormal on you. It could be worse, though. I'd decided I'd better get on the paranormal bandwagon before I was left behind, choking on Olivia's dust, and Portia's, and Janine's...etc. so I went to the vast reference section in Felix's library and took down the books on Myths, Legends and Ghosts. After a few days of poring over them, I had it. And it was good, it was very, very good.

Luckily for me I had a few things to wrap up before pulling together the proposal for Black Lace. And then I got sick, which I do every winter here in Canada. Yes, Canada is for the hardy and we Canadians all claim to be hardy, but, ahem, I am not.
So, whilst malingering on the sofa sipping consommé and whining for ginger ale, I viewed movies. Movies I should have seen in the theater, but hadn't, and so was now viewing them long, long past their debut.

My paranormal story was to be the story of Calypso, Queen of the Mermaids, and her love for the Captain of the cursed ship' The Flying Dutchman.'

Oh my, can you imagine the surprise as I watched Pirate's of the Caribbean Three?

Gack. Okay, Calypso, no problem, but...once her love for the captain of The Flying Dutchman was revealed, there went my story. Bye bye...boo hoo...bye bye.

It could have been worse. I might have actually submitted it to BL to be told, 'Seen any good movies lately, Madeline?'

Anyway, I'd rather write about THIS pirate anyday:

A close call. Still, it kind of kills me that I came up with the idea, just like all the Imagineers at Disney. I wonder what they got paid for the plot? Since I also write screenplays, it's just that much more galling.

Of course, the real lesson is - PAY ATTENTION TO POPULAR CULTURE, WOMAN!

Hmmm, perusing my blog I see I already whined about this. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BLOG WOMAN! Argh!

I'm all better now, and all the pasty Canucks are parading up and down the avenue in their shorts (which I understand the English abhor, is that true?) but me? I've got to go back to my vampire story and shave another 170 words off and then. Then I press Send.

Wish me luck.

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