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Friday, 4 July 2008

Hot Stuff from Amanda's Young Men

Today, over on Lust Bites, my post on boy toys is largely pictorial in nature.

So, if it's whet your appetite for more, here's a little snippet from my new Black Lace novel, Amanda's Young Men. It's available now in the UK, for preorder in the US, and not yet in Canada.

This scene takes place early in the novel, in fact it is Amanda's first seduction of a young man. She and Rupert are in the stacks at the shoe store he works at (and she owns) but he doesn't know she's his new boss:

Amanda...took his hand and placed it on the bare inside of her thigh. He gulped. She guided his fingers, moving their tips in tight little circles over her taut skin.
‘I…’ he started.
Amanda touched his lips with the fingers of her free hand, hushing him. ‘Talk later - after.’ She steered his fingertips a fraction higher with each circle they made. The panties she’d put on that morning were pale green lace, boy-cut, with wide legs. His fingertips stroked up under the dainty garment and brushed against her naked, puffy nether lips. Rupert sucked a deep breath. Amanda pressed on his hand, palpitating her labia with his fingertips.
‘That’s nice,’ she whispered. ‘Now try this.’ She pulled his fingers out from under her panties and folded all but his index one into his palm. With her finger on the back of his, she guided him to where the lace covered the soft, pearl-button-like bump of her clitoris. She used her finger to make his finger scratch over its lace-mantled head. It was her turn to shiver. ‘Keep doing that, just like that, very gently.’
‘I’ll do whatever you tell me to,’ he husked.
‘Good boy.’ Amanda unbuttoned her blouse and spread it wide.
Rupert’s eyes widened at the sight of her plump rosy-nippled breasts. His free hand lifted to touch them but Amanda intercepted it. ‘Do as I tell you, when I tell you, and not until.’
‘Yes…’ He trailed off.
‘You may call me Ms Amanda.’
‘Yes, Ms Amanda.’
Amanda rolled her left nipple gently, just to see the hunger in his eyes. She too, was suffering. The gentle through-the-lace scratching on her joy button made her desperate for more direct stimulation, but…
What the hell! She was in charge. Why wait?
She put her hand on the top of Rupert’s head and pushed down. ‘Move my panties aside. Put your tongue to work.’
‘I’ve never…’
He’d never gone down on a girl? How delicious! She’d had many experiences in her life but this was one she’d either never experienced, or experienced so long ago she held no memory of it. She was about to be serviced by a young and virgin tongue. Just the thought of it had her dripping with anticipation and that made it even better. His first taste was going to be a really wet one. Amanda decided that if he performed well, she’d reward him amply.
She said, ‘Lick my pussy lips first, long and slow, from where they join at the bottom right up to my…’she almost said ‘joy button’ but stopped herself in time ‘… my clit.’
He obeyed and had the instinct to give an extra little flick of his tongue when he reached her sensitive polyp.
‘Good boy. Now grip it between your lips and lap at it with the tip of your tongue. Start slowly and then go faster and faster until I climax.’
‘Clima’?’ he asked.
‘That’s right, and when I do, I expect you to suck all my juices out. You are going to do that, right?’
‘No teeth! Just – that’s right, lips and tongue…just your lips and tongue, Rudolf.’
‘ ‘uper’,’ he mumbled.
‘Of course. Rupert. Just like that, Rupert, you’ve got it now, keep that up, don’t vary the rhythm yet, just…mmhmm…just exactly like that.’ Amanda stopped talking and focused on the sensations. What he lacked in expertise he certainly made up for in enthusiasm. He was good at following direction, which was a thrill, and it seemed that she was good at giving it, which was, perhaps, an even greater thrill.
When his licking started to really get to her, Amanda gripped his hair in both hands, the better to grind his upturned face against her sex. Her hips gyrated. The lad followed her clit, licking frantically. She pressed herself down on his mouth. Her hands clenched into fists but if his scalp hurt he made no sign. Lucky for him, too, because nothing, nothing was allowed to get between her and the orgasm that was curled like a snake in the pit of her belly and now, right freaking now, uncoiled at lightning speed. It struck at her clit, again and then again, delivering not poisonous venom but a pleasure potion that nonetheless might be fatal.
‘God….’ Amanda’s stocking feet arched, her toes curled. Sweet venom coursed through her veins, more like lightning, now, than any sort of liquid. It shot out the tips of her toes and her fingertips and exploded out of the top of her goddam head. ‘Fuck!’
Amanda’s hold on Rupert’s hair loosened but she held his head in place until the last shudder left her and she was able to stand without leaning. She pulled him erect. He was grinning. His face glistened with her juices.
‘How’d I do?’ he asked.
She allowed him a, ‘Good boy.’

Like it? So, order it!

love Madeline Moore

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