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Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Car and Me - A short short silly silly story

I was hanging out at Kristina Wright's blog admiring her babies and her work ethic, not necessarily in that order, and I realized I missed blogging. So here I am!

Hmm. A few moments have passed while I tried to think of what to write about.

Well, this week I had to purchase a new muffler for my car. No, you silly Brits, I don't mean one of these:

Such a beautiful painting by Kristin Kemper which you can buy here

and I'm not talking about the brolly, either, as you Brits call an umbrella, or in this case three umbrellas from

So we're perfectly clear, now, that I'm not talking about this, which I would have been much happier purchasing:


I'm talking about this stupid, expensive ugly essential thing:

which you may purchase here

It ate up all my earnings for a week of tutoring writing students.

This blog has already made me remember why I took a break from the blog.

Here, this helps:

You can see more of the same here

So I was pretty grumpy about spending money on car parts until I got home and found this in my trunk:

And then I felt much better.

The End

xoxo Madeline Moore


Janine Ashbless said...

I started reading this and then the photo links led me astray for half and hour...

Madeline Moore said...

I consider that a compliment, Janine.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You so silly, Mad! And the link doesn't work for me!


Madeline Moore said...

I have no doubt about which link you clicked on, Felix. But none of them are working at the moment . . . I don't think it's me, I think it's fb.
ps - sorry you couldn't look at more car parts. I know how much you like dirty bits. hohoho.