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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Plagiarism and Bella0Rose

I am a professional writer with more than one deadline to meet. I also lead a full, enjoyable life with Felix Baron: writer, lover, and friend.

When I was alerted to the fact that my story “Be A Door,” which is presently to be found on page two of “What’s New” on the literary erotica site Oysters and Chocolate had been appropriated by someone named Bella0Rose I joined Fetlife.com to investigate.

Sure enough, my story, now titled “Door” and the name of one character changed, was boldly listed under “Writing.” To add to the sting, she responded to the positive comments she received from admirers of the tale thusly:

thank you i did enjoy writing it .. it is from some experiences and a bit of fantasy mixed in with the story.

I have a contract with Oysters and Chocolate that agrees not to publish the story anywhere else for a period of time. Even if Bella had republished the story, crediting me and Oysters and Chocolate, she would have been in violation of my contract.

But that isn’t what she did. She plagiarised my story.

I alerted Fetlife.com and Oysters and Chocolate.

I created groups to discourage Bella0rose and other plagiarists like her (as it turns out most if not all of ‘her’ writing is plagiarised from another source) from cutting and pasting the work of real writers onto their sites.

Real writers get paid for using words in a way that captures the imagination, awakens the senses and impacts on readers. It’s hard work.

Cutting and pasting is something any child can do.

I asked Bella0rose for a public apology. Instead I’ve had 3 private apologies. None of them admits that she stole my story. She continues to insist that it was not her intention to plagiarise me.

Here are the apologies:

1) I would like to send my apology to you if my story is like yours. It was not my intention to take your story and make it my writing. Please accept my apology, I am sorry.

2) I am truly sorry as I was not trying to use your work and I was not intending to plagiarize your work. When I put the story on my profile I did not put where I had found the story or the author and I did not state that I changed a character’s name that is where my mistake lies and for this I am truly sorry.
I have corrected my mistakes and again I do apologize.

3) I again state that I am sorry for not referencing you and where I saw the story, I made a mistake. I took down the story immediately. This is my 3rd apology to you I can do no more or less but to keep saying I am sorry.

If by “immediately” she means once she’d been caught, well, that much is true.

I realize that for some people, their on-line life is the only real life they have. I don’t want to get her kicked off this site. I don’t care about her one way or the other. What I care about is my work.

All three apologies do not address these questions:

If you didn’t intend to plagiarise my story why did you change the title and the name of a character?

If you didn’t intend to plagiarize my story why did you accept the compliments you received on its quality by replying, “thank you i did enjoy writing it .. it is from some experiences and a bit of fantasy mixed in with the story.’

It seems that it isn’t possible to get through to her. She is in the wrong but she continues, in my opinion, to deny it.

Here is what my colleagues and I do when we read a story we really like:

We post on our blogs or on facebook: Wow. Shar Azade (for example) has written an amazing story. It gave me shivers – in a good way. Read it here: link.

We don’t show our enthusiasm for each other’s work by cutting and pasting it onto our own sites and giving it a new name. That is not admiration for another person’s work.
It is plagiarism.

Plagiarism is against the law.

I’ve yet to receive a public apology from Bella0rose and when/if I do, it will be this blather about not intending to steal the story. That’s not an apology. It’s a lie.

As a professional writer, I can’t keep explaining this to Bella0rose. I have work to do.
All I can say is that she should be heartily ashamed of herself. She is a thief. There are laws against what she did.

The next time Bella0rose hears from me, it will be through my publishers or my lawyer.


Janine Ashbless said...

Urgh. This is horrible. It makes me feel sick just reading about it, like a hole has opened up in front of my feet.

How can anyone claim someone else's creativity?

I've got my fingers crossed and I hope you get it sorted.

Madeline Moore said...

It's sorted as I'm done with it. I've got things to do and a real life to live. End of sordid story.

Anonymous said...

A "professional" writer does not act this way. You and your colleague should be ashamed. You both have gained international attention for cyberbullying and harrassing others. Two wrongs does not make a right.