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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Historical Fiction - how do they do it?

I popped over to Justyne Elliot's blog to have a little read of her historical piece, and I was hooked so fast it was freaky. I just love that historical stuff. I can't do it, at least not yet, so I get an extra charge out of the way great historical romance writers make the language flow across the page as if it was effortlessly, almost carelessly, put together. That really gets me panting, as a writer and a reader, and I *love* when that happens. A snippet of her snippet from 1888 Part 2:

Florence giggled. “Jessie Carter, you are a radical. But you echo my own thoughts on the matter. Of course, Mama and Papa are set on moulding me into a perfect porcelain society belle with no thought in her head beyond snaring some chinless lordling and deferring to his half-baked wishes evermore.”

1888 Part 3 is already up, so hustle your bustle on over to her blog as fast as you can and catch some of this steamy historical stuff.

I write contemporary erotica. Sometimes I write paranormal contemporary erotica. Although I do have an idea for a futuristic piece, it's not written yet.

But I do have an historical idea, finally. It takes place in
Japan in the 1800's. That counts, right? Actually, it's a futuristic historical piece set in Japan. And no, it isn't written yet. But that one definitely will be written because I am so very intrigued by the premise.

But this 19th Century stuff - I adore it but it scares me. All that attention to detail, the buttons the corsets the customs and the culture. Yikes. I don't believe I could do it without falling into purple prose, wherein my characters swoon and suffer from the vapours. So I will leave it to Justine and other talented mistresses of the genre, like Madelynne Ellis.This is from the free story on her website, "Any Port in a Storm":

Elsie lifted another garment. The state of Frank’s rough, work stained hands didn’t bother her. She imagined their touch would be soft enough when it suited, just like Taylor’s were. “I’m not looking for a husband,” she said. “I already have one. I’m just admiring what’s in plain sight, that’s all.”

At that moment Frank stood. Grimy black water spattered the cobblestones. His longjohns, once baggy, now clung to his hips and thighs, outlining muscles and hollows. Where it was in contact with skin the cotton had turned transparent, so that around the crotch his black bush clearly framed the swell of his balls and shaft.

Jessie whistled in response. “I take it back. Big boy, isn’t he? Shouldn’t we look away, or something?”

Hearing the whistle, Frank turned his head, and seeing his cousin, gave a wide goofy grin. “All right, Jessie,” he said. “Me mam’ll be right vexed if she sees you out here while I’m washing.”

Ah, sometimes it's great to forget about being a writer and lose myself in the joy of reading. Don't you agree?

xoxox Mad

corset: vitruvian-musings.tumblr.com
girls in 19th century dress: 860garmentsbyglenda.com
sexy stockings: unusualhistoricals.blogspot.com
sexy naked military man: johncoulthart.com


Justine Elyot said...

I could live on Victorian and Victorian-set fiction alone, I think. Thank you for your very kind words! For additional gorgeous erotic Victorians, I highly recommend Portia Da Costa's 'Gentlewoman' series for Harlequin Spice.

Happy historical reading - and Japan in the 1800s sounds like a fascinating setting.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hey, thanks for reminding me of the fun I had writing that story. I haven't looked at it in an age.

The Georgian era is still my fave, but I can be seduced my any era. Your Japanese idea sounds promising, hope it doesn't prove too daunting.

Madeline Moore said...

OMG how could I forget Portia Da Costa? She's my hero! Of course she writes in every g.d. genre there is so perhaps I can be forgiven? Since the demise of Black Lace it's so hard to keep track of everyone . . . especially from Canada.

Jeremy Edwards said...

You said "hustle your bustle," and you put an "an" in front of "historical," like I secretly always want to though the particular style guide I follow discourages it. Applause!

Janine Ashbless said...

Japan in the 1800s

Now that's a research challenge! You go for it!

And now I'm going to go and find out more about that longjohns guy, because Madelynne's excerpt was uber-hot!

Anonymous said...

Shameless self-promotion.

Tut, Madeline! Lovely blog, but not a single mention of my Victorian The Persian Girl? From London to Turkey to the Himalayas, no less, to research, starting with railway timetables and the discovery that I was 20 years too soon for the Orient Express.



Madeline Moore said...

Oops/ sorry Felix. But I was linking to stories people reading my blog could actually go and read. I will say, though, that The Persian Girl is my favourite book by you and has the most beautiful cover ever.

Why don't you post an excerpt on your (pitiful) blog and see what happens?

Madeline Moore said...

ps - as you do have a blog, Felix, you could sign in and then post under your name, instead of as 'anonymous'. This might also direct traffic to your blog. Just a little helpful hint.