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Monday, 17 January 2011

Eye Candy Monday - Golden Globes Edition

Okay I know Johnny Depp didn't win an award but he was nominated for two so I think that earns him (and his once love Kate Moss) top spot on my
special Golden Globes edition of Eye Candy Monday.

Here's a lady who did win, with her husband, who's probably won a few GGs in his time. Yes, this is them awhile back but - don't they look adorable? I like Warren Beatty but I goddam love Annette Benning. (Winner of this year's Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a comedy or musical.) The film, co-starring Julianne Moore, is called The Kids Are All Right.

And now - My real time coverage of the 2011 Golden Globes

Red Carpet: Most of the women are looking good this year and I'm noticing the pale lipstick.The gowns, by and large, are uncharacteristically unique and gorgeous.

It's nice to see Natalie Portman pregnant, (by her choreographer/boyfriend with the improbable last name of Millepied). I can actually hear, even from Canada, the collective sigh of relief of Hollywood wives. Presumably, Portman is off the prowl for at least the rest of the year.

Rickie Gervais is marvellous. He says he must not have done his job properly last year in order to be invited back this year and promises this year he will make sure they never invite him back again. So far, Ricky, so fab. I think he'll be back. He and Steve Carell did their usual who-hates-who-most schtick which, as Carell accurately commented, 'never gets old.'

Yes, I know, Johnny didn't win anything but he was nominated twice so I think it only fair to post two pictures of him in my blog.

Oh God it always makes me happy when the winning screenwriter was a nobody last year, as happened again tonight. He said, "A year ago I wouldn't have believed this was possible." That's the sort of story that keeps screenwriters banging away at the keyboard with the clear knowledge that they are simply sending letters hurtling into space to be sucked into a black hole. I can only hope the day never comes when all those consonants and nouns, not to mention grammatical marks, crash back to earth at the same moment, obliterating all of us.

But tonight is not about the bitterness of the 95% of screenwriters, actors, directors, producers who will never stand on that stage. Tonight is about watching the best of the best, the glitziest of the glitziest, and the most beautiful of the beautiful people celebrate their year. And everyone, from erotica short story authors to major movie stars, ought to get their time in the gorgeous sunlight. Like this improbable movie star:

Hey, Sly was there!
Okay, don't think I don't get the point of Eye Candy Monday, because I do. Proof:

Alright maybe he didn't look like that last night, but he once looked like that and I'm eternally grateful for his beauty. Oh and all the good things
he does for the world. And for his acting, sometimes, too.

Same goes for Matt Damon, who gave Robert De Niro a terrific introduction when de Niro was presented with the Cecil B. DeMille award. De Niro, whom I recall at one time could not articulate well enough to give an interview, was hilarious as well as eloquent. No cheat sheets, either. I hope his second standing ovation lasted the entire time the commercials played.

Sometime I'll tell you my real life Robert de Niro story. Perhaps Robert de Niro anecdote would be more accurate . . . but I do have one!

I'm doing this in real time, so I have to register a disappointment to see that Glee beat out The Big Bang Theory. No Glee pics on my site.

Wow, shout out to Paul Giamatti for a surprising win for Barney's Version,the movie made from Mordecai Richler's novel of the same name. Nice of Paul to salute "the great nation of Canada." Woo hoo.

Frankly, I'm impressed that The Social Network took the Best Picture Golden Globe. A new era is certainly upon us, and the two young actors (who didn't dash onto the stage with the rest of the above the line folks to celebrate, and has to be called up by the producer) are very likely to be the superstars of the future.

For me, in truth: If the Golden Globe Fairy Godmother cast a spell on me that landed me, suitably garbed, gorgeous (and single) in the middle of the festivities, and said I could take home anyone I wanted (also, by the same spell, unencumbered by wife or girlfriend) I think I'd be really happy to say to this fellow, 'Congratulations Mr Firth, my name is Madeline Moore.'

space junk photo from: dailymail.co.uk
canada shorts from wordans.com
all other celebrity photos from google


Kristina said...

Oh, love the pretty, pretty boys. :-) Thanks for the Golden Globes update. I didn't even know Natalie Portman was pregnant! I don't keep up with the celebs, but I do like the awards shows! Looking forward to the Academy Awards next!

Madeline Moore said...

Oh Oscar - how I wish I could quit you.

Thanks Kristina. Glad I could help keep you in the loop. Please get the cd "Momnipotent' by Nancy White. It will amuse you for many, many days, and has a terrific piece about trying to keep up with current events when watching way more Sesame Street than CNN.

Anonymous said...

Great recap of the show! I love Ricky G but was stunned by some of his comments. Oh so clever man - and doesn't he look dashing now all slim and unshaven? I don't think he wants to be asked back! Lovely pix of the boy toys...ah, if only.....
But back to reality - thanks for your coverage, nice to have a fellow cougar's perspective!
Mary T.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Madeline! What I noticed most about the gowns were the ones split to mid-thigh. So, when your fairy grants you your pick of the male talent, will there be any magic left over for me to entrance Halle? Quartet, maybe?



Madeline Moore said...

Hm. I think I could do Halle.
You know, if I was in jail or something . . .