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Monday, 21 September 2009

Include Me Out

Ah Craig's List. That cesspool of commerce that provides one paying gig a year. Just enough to keep Felix scrolling through it every morning, as he does his marketing, whilst I complete my beauty rest.

Today's most promising entry?

We are compiling short stories about women and their first experience with masturbation and orgasm.
We are reaching out to women to write about their own experience.
The story should be personal and honest. It should be written in your own style.
It can be as detailed as you want. 15 stories will be selected for publication.

* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: Tbd

I suppose this is something Madeline Moore might be interested in. I query, asking what it pays. The reply:

The length is about 1000 words.
If the sotry (sic) is accepted for publication, the pay will be $500.
What is your age?

Hmmm.Two flags go up. One - five hundred dollars per short story is awfully good pay. Two - my age?

I give it one more shot. 'Do you have a website?' I inquire. 'Who are you.'
The answer:

I am just a guy with an idea. I have a strong sense that there would be a good interest in reading about women with their first
experience with masturbation.
i remember my first time like it was yesterday.
I think many men (and women) would be fascinated by hearing about these experiences.

A guy with an idea. Yes, there are plenty of those on Craig's List. I suggest he contact publishers with his idea. And I ps with this question - why do you need to know my age?

Okay, that's it for me and marketing today. Ted, if you're reading this, why not go over to Janine Ashbless' blog. She has a nice photo of a good lookin' guy wankin' into the sheets, for 'Man Candy Monday.'

You might find it inspiring. Me? I'm inspired to write a four thousand word short story for the possibility of fifty dollars. I have a sneaking suspicion it'll be much more worth my while.


Janine Ashbless said...

I love my wanker!

Jeremy Edwards said...

That was no ordinary flag going up—that was a wanky hanky!

Madeline Moore said...

Yes Janine, yours is a keeper.
2 wanky hankies, J. Both of which he's welcome to keep for his own

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Madeline, but as you say, Craig's does yield the odd paying gig.

Bless me for wading through the muck and mire for both of us. I just love those ads that specifically ask for writers with PhDs and twenty years experience to do the easy part - write the book - based on the advertiser's brilliant idea, and be happy with a small percentage of the huge fortune the book is bound to earn.

Those ads are, of course, usually written all in caps, in very creative English.



Madeline Moore said...

I do bless you, Felix, for mucking about on Craig's List. It drives me crazy. I know, I know, marketing is essential to the writing life but...
honestly I'd rather DO THE LAUNDRY (and that's saying a lot) than scroll through CL trying to find the pearl buried in the muck.