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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Glenn Gould Prize Gala Celebrates the 9th Laureate, Leonard Cohen

This event has left me speechless but I'll try:

I'm so grateful to live close enough to Leonard Cohen to have attended this ceremony.

He is so loved, by so many. I think he knows it.
My homage poem, "Famous Troubadour" and a copy of "Sarah's Education" was taken from me by a kind assistant who said she would make sure he receives my gifts.

His speech was gracious and short, because he wanted to listen to the music.

The stand-out performances were not the ones I expected to be: Anjani (his companion) sang her song, "Crazy to Love You." She has the voice of an angel. I'm happy he finally has his very own angel.

Alan Rickman, of "Harry Potter" fame, read poetry.

John Prine was good and so were the "Cowboy Junkies," especially when Prine joined the Junkies on the song "One of Us Cannot be Wrong."

Serena Ryder was truly spectacular, singing "Sisters of Mercy."

Adam Cohen, who introduced himself as the son of a famous singer from Quebec, Celine Dion (zo zilly) was also a surprise. He is a terrific musician! He and Serena Ryder sang "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye" and then Adam sang a rockin' rendition of "So Long, Marianne" and we were all invited to sing along. Many of the performers piled back on stage to sing along as well.

Leonard waved to us all from the balcony and left.

What a special person he is. There were many kudos to Glenn Gould as well. I hadn't realized how much of an impact he had on the world of classical music until tonight.

Many people in the audience wore fedoras. I'll make sure my sister and I have them for his upcoming tour. We'll see him in Ottawa.

Leonard makes me want to be a better person while soothing me with the truth about how difficult it is to be good. He makes me feel better about the world, while reminding me how harsh life can be for some human beings.

He makes me want to sing, dance, write, cry and laugh.

Leonard makes me want to touch, physically touch, everyone and yet -

He makes me yearn to be alone so I can listen and learn from the silence.


Janine Ashbless said...

Aw - lovely!

And well done with the gifts!

Madeline Moore said...

I wrote inside "Sarah's Education" that it was really girlie erotica but I thought he might like the pretty cover.

I can't imagine my prose will leave him in awe of my talent. I'm tempted to think it might turn him on but . . . he's 'forgotten the places where he used to play.' Maybe Anjani will read it?

Still hoping to actually meet him someday. So close . . . argh! I want to be his pal. But then I must remind myself not to be greedy. It really is good enough to have met him once, briefly, and had him give my then hubby and I the thumbs up over his shoulder.

And to see him - just see him. Can't wait until I get to hear him sing again, too, though! Anybody else planning to attend the World Tour?