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Friday, 8 April 2011


Oops, I forgot about my Thursday post. Sorry, folks. I hope you didn't miss your Madeline Moore Thursday fix too greatly.

I'll tell you a funny story. I was swanning about because on the back cover of The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 10 the editor, Maxim Jakubowski says the stories in the book are by "The Year's Best Erotica From The World's Leading Authors" and I'm one of the six authors he listed on the back cover.

Madeline Moore, therefore, is one of the world's leading writers of erotica.

Then Felix checked his email. In it, there was a request from Maxim for a story of Felix's that he'd published in an earlier edition of the series.

It seems Maxim's putting together an anthology of The Best of the Best of the Mammoth Book of Erotica.

I should post a picture like this:

But Felix, of course, doesn't swan and I don't feel generous; I feel I've been demoted and rather quickly, too. So, today there is a dearth of swans in my pond.


Anonymous said...

Hey Madeline, Are you sure 'swanning' is the verb you should be using in this context. Where I come from, "swanning" means "To move about aimlessly."

Madeline Moore said...

HI Anonymous,
Thanks for coming by my blog. Imagine how embarrassed I would be if you were correct. And you are, in that the definition you offer is one way to use the verb swanning.

Another is: sweep majestically; "Airplanes were swanning over the mountains."

This is the definition of swanning that I had in mind when I wrote my post.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad, Madeline.
When that earlier edition containing Felix's story came out, you were probably still prepubescent.

Madeline Moore said...

You make a good point, Anonymous.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I've heard swanning used in a sense akin to the airplane example, except—assuming my inferences were correct—with a connotation of petty vanity: pretty pop stars swanning about the VIP lounge.

Madeline Moore said...

Right! That's the definition I had in mind, Jeremy, when I wrote the post. Phew. I had a belated attack of 'Do I actually know what that word means' after finding and posting the swan pics.
It would've been ever so irritating to have to go for a do-over searching for, I guess, something like 'swaggering' and then go look for pics of swaggerers.

Anonymous said...

Madeline, my Valentine, you are still best of the best to me.



Janine Ashbless said...

And this is why one should NEVEr be in the same area of business as one's husband ...