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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Art and Age

It's good to be past the getting married, having kids, getting divorced part of my life. I think it gives me an advantage because the younger female authors still have to do all of that. Plus they get pms.

Unfortunately, getting older means being tired and paying for all those hilarious tumbles down hills (the ones we thought we'd survived unscathed that come back to scathe us later) and dancing all night in high heels. Smoking way too many cigarettes. Sockin' back the brewskies.

Being tired.

So, good night children! I'll make you a deal: Don't forget Grandma Moses and neither will I.


Nikki Magennis said...

Heh, I hope I have cleverly avoided the divorce bit by first avoiding the marriage bit ...

Madeline Moore said...

A perfect approach to that particular life dilemma. Being married, for me, was like being locked in a maximum security institution for the insane. It is one institution will probably never enter again . . . although . . . Sometimes Felix and I talk about. We agree that when people ask,"Where are you registered?" We'd reply, "The Bank of Montreal."

Paul Knapp said...

Well Madeline, after 30 years our paths have finally crossed again. You may be able to take the Madeline out of our home town but you'll never take the Madeline out of Madeline. You're still the same and that is why you were always one of my favourite friends.

Oh the stories I could tell about our younger days, how wild and full of life you were...and no doubt still are. But I won't, we'll leave that to your reader's imagination.

Keep in touch.