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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Madeline Takes You to the Movies

This was the beginning of the movies:

In 1878 Eadweard Muybridge was challenged to prove that while galloping, a horse's four legs would all be in the air at the same time. He did so, with
a bunch of cameras, trip wire and the lovely thoroughbred, Sallie Gardener.

This is also the beginning of the screenwriting course that I'll be teaching soon. Ain't it cool?

Here's his next photographic esssay: Woman Dropping Handkerchief

Here's Another: Men Wrestling:

It didn't take movies very long to feature naked folk, did it?
I like that about the cinema.

xoxo Mad

ps - In 1874, still living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Muybridge discovered that his wife had a lover, a Major Harry Larkyns. On October 17, 1874, he sought out Larkyns; said, "Good evening, Major, my name is Muybridge and here is the answer to the letter you sent my wife"; and shot and killed him. He was put on trial for the killing, but acquitted of the killing on the grounds that it was "justifiable homicide."

What a guy!


Jeremy Edwards said...

That's an enormous handkerchief! No wonder she dropped it.

Madeline Moore said...

Hey! A comment! Thanks Jeremy.
Now I get to reply to your comment and that will give me 2 - count 'em 2 - comments. Woo hoo.

Jeremy Edwards said...

People are commenting less on blogs. I see it everywhere in our little world. Not sure if people are still reading blogs as much (or whether FB and Twitter have substantially impacted that), but in any event commenting seems to be less common. So I wouldn't take it personally in any way.

Anonymous said...

I like the series that Eadweard Muybridge did to prove that during missionary sex, the female bum can actually lose contact with the bottom sheet. It all depends on the springs, if I remember correctly.



Madeline Moore said...

Hope springs eternal, Felix . . .