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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Nothin' Up My Slee

Every so often I lose interest in the internet. Sudden. Total. Zero. Interest.

I might rouse myself enough to go to Facebook and harvest crops on my Farmville farm.
Leave the land fallow, because I won't be back for some time. Consider myself lucky I'm not a real farmer.

I'll come here, to this blog, and check out my favourite blog links. But I don't comment, because I don't have anything to say.

After that I come back here. Look at the last post I put up - and know that it's time to post something new. But wha?

I have no writerly news. The crime book is coming along fine. Got a rejection recently for a story that everyone loves but no one wants to publish. And so on.

My personal life is not up for blogging about. Yes, I do have good sex but I don't necessarily think that's something anyone else really cares to know. I mean, really, so what?

These days I don't seem to even have opinions that are strong enough to need an outlet. Sometimes I read the hot-under-the-collar postings of other bloggers and smile and think, 'She's so young.'

Well, there it is. My state of mind. Which I think is just fine, just not huge fodder for blogger. And again - I mean, really, so what?

So What
by Marylou Smithers
Oil on canvas

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Janine Ashbless said...

Aw - but we want to know that you're still here, and doing okay, and we want to hear from you! It's hard when all your work colleagues live hundreds or thousands of miles away ...