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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sarah's Education Now Available in North America

Today's the day! Sarah's Education is finally gonna come your way...
unless you live in the U.K., in which case you've had a few months to get to know the studious (by day) and lascivious (by night) Ms. Sarah Meadows.

How about a little snippet from the book to whet your appetite?

You talked me into it.

In this excerpt, Sarah has asked a john she particularly likes (and who will figure in her life much more prominently that either of them know at the moment) to give her a beating with his belt:

John ate a little awkwardly, with his belt still wrapped around his fist. As Sarah picked at her salad, every sway of the free-hanging end drew her eyes, like a rabbit following the movements of a cobra. But this rabbit couldn’t wait to feel the cobra’s bite. Or could she? It was going to hurt, really hurt. She could beg off. John would allow that, she knew. But if she did, she’d be showing cowardice, and she need his respect. Undecided, Sarah did what she always did when in a serious quandary, she made her mind go blank and let whatever was going to happen, happen.

Her mind still in a fog, she was led to the bed and spread-eagled once more. John secured her wrists to the brass scrolls. Seemingly without effort, he lifted her bottom off the bed, lifted it high, right over her head, and manacled her ankles, wide apart, to the top of the bed’s head. A pile of pillows under her shoulders made the awkward position more comfortable. Nice man. Sarah gazed up at her delta from only a foot beneath it. Pretty pussy.

John made a few adjustments to her bonds and her legs, so that her thighs were perfectly horizontal, parallel to the bed. ‘Ready?’ he asked.


‘Are you ready?’

She couldn’t really nod, not folded like that, so Sarah was forced to vocalise her affirmative, though not in articulate words, even though she wasn’t sure what he was asking her. When you don’t quite understand what’s going on, ‘Yes’ is best, or at least, easiest.

John stroked the undersides of her thighs. Nice. That wasn’t why she was contorted like that, though, was it? He rested the loose end of his belt across her legs, halfway between her knees and her upturned bottom, then moved it a little higher.

‘This is above where the hem of your skirts usually come to, isn’t it?’

Why was that significant? Whatever, she made another ‘yes’ sound.

The leather strap lifted. That meant something, something frightening but thrilling, but she didn’t think about what. The belt came down, hard. Sarah yelped involuntarily. A line of fire burned across the backs of her thighs.

‘You still want it? You can still change your mind.’

‘Um, want, yes.’

Leather cracked down again, an inch higher. Sarah emerged from her fog. Oh fuck! It was really happening. What had she let herself in for? Was she crazy?

The third and fourth and fifth blows landed, each closer to her bottom. Pain seared into her. Tears were streaming from her eyes and she’d almost decided that she was ready to face the humiliation of begging him to stop when the sixth whacked down on the lower curves of her bum’s cheeks, and she was suddenly in absolute bliss.

The belt progressed from low on her bottom to halfway up it, where her cheeks were fullest, then made their way down towards her thighs again. Her flesh was glowing embers. Each blow reignited the skin it landed on. The pain was hellish and heavenly. It was as if she’d taken some powerful euphoric that had set her spirit free to soar through and to pure delight. Her thighs and her bottom had been transformed by ecstatic agony. Deep inside, she was starting to clench.

Something dripped onto her chin. Of course! Her sex was weeping with joy. The internal convulsions accelerated and became stronger. She was so fucking close! Sarah knew she could take the belt forever, yet when it fell to the bad she moaned with relief.

Something - his fingers? - forced entrance to her sex and drove deeply into her pussy. The invader pistoned. Other fingers manipulated her clit.

Sarah heard herself shouting, ‘Love it! Love it!’ The fingers forced their way even further into her, into where she was clamping rhythmically, and triggered…‘Yip, yip, yip, yip,’ …erotic bliss.

What a kinky little slut Sarah is, wouldn't you agree?

Want more? Sure, no problem. Just follow this link in the USA and this one in Canada, and you can have the whole story. Buy the book!

xoxo Madeline

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Janine Ashbless said...

Lol! In that position I know I would be thinking: "Oh, look at that disgusting roll of stomach flab..." That's why I write about gymnastic sex and don't get paid a small fortune for having it!