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Friday, 11 September 2009

Hear Me Hear Me Hear Me...

The fine print at the bottom says 'Free Erotica Readings every Month.
10 pm - 11 pm in Library at Club M4
2814 Lakeshore Blvd. West, near Islington.

Looks like I'll be reading tonight, Friday Sept. 11, for the very first time. Attendees, if I understand correctly, meet in the library for the readings and afterwards can go on into a fetish bar if they're dressed appropriately. Free admitance to the fetish bar for readers. Hmmm.

I think if I can get through 20 minutes of my prose without blushing or collapsing I'll have had enough excitement for one night. Never know, though...it *is* Friday night.

But seriously, oh sages of the sex reading stage, gimme your inside tips. I've never read any of my work aloud. It's daunting for erotica to be my first time. But hey, it's my world and welcome to it. Right?

20 minutes. Felix gets 20 minutes as well and our hostess, Sephera, gets 20. That seems like a long time to me.

How many pages is that?

So far my preparation has consisted of painting my toe nails cherry red and steaming (in the shower that is) my black linen dress. I thought that was enough but now I'm wondering...guess I should pick some pithy passages?

Here's sephera's website for more info.



Jeremy Edwards said...

Well, I don't know that I'm a sage ... but I think I remember estimating in practice sessions at home this spring that a 3,500-word story of mine would have timed out to about 20 minutes, had I read the whole thing. (I ended up reading only part of that piece at the public events.)

Other tips:

1. Avoid the monotone. Keep an ear to the rhythm and dynamics of your rich prose—and don't hesitate to vary speed, volume, and vocal tone a bit where appropriate. Stress important words to help them resonate, and let pretty words linger on your tongue to help them linger in the ears of the audience.

2. If your piece has funny bits or especially dramatic moments, don't rush on to the next sentence before giving the audience a chance to laugh or gasp.

3. Try not to have your eyes on your book/manuscript the entire time. If possible, punctuate your narrative by looking up. Make your face expressive.

4. Most important: If at all possible, have fun! Not only because you deserve to have a good time at your own reading, but also because that's the best way, imo, to ensure that the audience will have fun.

Madeline Moore said...

Thank you Jeremy! I remembered ALL your advice when I read. We were in a private club with a live sex room.
Yep. It went well and Felix and I even sold a few books. Phew. Glad it's over, to be honest, but I'll be happy to do it again.

Jeremy Edwards said...

My pleasure. And congratulations on your successful debut!!

Janine Ashbless said...

Yay! Well done! Public speaking is terrifying at first, especially when it's your own work that's up for judgment. But I promise it gets easier with practice (I used to have a job where I stood nearly every day to do an hour long talk in front of school children). And your voice gets stronger too.

I bet the audience enjoyed it!

Felix Baron said...

Madeline was brilliant! She kept her listeners wrapt and horny, despite the distractions of reading to a man in nothing but latex drawers, a blonde pussycat who towered well over six feet, without high heels, 70% bare legs, a sissy in a rubber maid's outfit, and a variety of tightly-corseted, leather-chokered, bubbly-boobed beauties in a range from svelte to BBWs.

I was PROUD of her!