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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Amanda as Aphrodisiac

Here's an email I received today from my sister, a musician.

you'll love this. Your book was at chapter's so I bought it. I was hanging out at some gigs. First the jazz club. So I read the forward and then the first few pages.

I was just laughing my ass off - the part where she goes through the construction zone and figures the guys are passing the younger guy around . . . just killin!!

so then i headed off to another club and here's the best part:

on the way in, this young dark handsome guy gives me a high 5. I thought he must know me but he didn't. I asked him his name "Andreas!" he said with that macho masculine thing that reminded me of Italy.



so i continued into the club, thinking "what would amanda have done with that? har har"

not 5 seconds later, some other man starts flirting with me in the aisle. Then 5 seconds later i sat down near a friend, and a guy at the next table started hitting on me immediately. I got up not even 5 minutes later and walked past a table where one of the guys from the music store where i teach flagged me down, and totally checked me out about and down and gave a big grin of approval.

man, you are a good writer or what?

See, you don't need pheremones-in-a-bottle or an online dating profile or even a come hither look on your face. All you need is one of my books!!

I've written to ask her if she had the cover displayed prominently, as I suppose that would make a difference. I'll let you know.

xoxo Madeline


Jeremy Edwards said...

What a great report! This must be happening to your readers all over the place, but most of them are too shy to write you about it.

Anonymous said...

Lust generates lust, and lust has an enticing odor, so it's little wonder that any woman who has just read even a fragment of one of your novels, Madeline, attracts.



Madeline Moore said...

Thank you Jeremy. I asked Felix to please post a comment on my blog, rather than just reading it. I said, 'Only Nikki, Janine and Jeremy regularly comment.' So it was no surprise to either of us that you'd chimed in. Yer a pal.

I think my sister might like SARAH'S EDUCATION, as a few chapters take place at a car invention, where Sarah's job is to pose prettily atop a new Italian sports car. She gets to know a charming Italian representative rathah well...

I wish I could post one of my sister's performances but she wouldn't like it. She says right now AMANDA's YOUNG MEN is in her glove box and even there, it makes her nervous.

Dear little repressed sissie pie! Baby girl! It's all good fun...

Jeremy Edwards said...

Yer a pal.

: ) Thanks!

Perhaps the glove-box MM (and nightclub adventures whilst toting your book around) will represent the first step in your sister's wonderful journey away from inhibition.

Madeline Moore said...

One can only hope, J. At least she's getting a few laughs, although that first chapter isn't necessarily supposed to be *funny*.

Janine Ashbless said...

And yet this post made me chuckle!