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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Platinum Crowns and Pink Powdery Candies

Yesterday was the gala crown insertion. The crown is made of porcelain and platinum and it goes in my mouth, dahlings, not on my head nor inserted into any other opening. No vagina dente for me! And, though it isn't actual jewellery, it cost as much as a crown jewel, I bet.

Last night I celebrated in true Madeline Moore fashion, by eating hard candies. My favourite hard candy is called a wintergreen mint. It is not green, it's pink. I don't know why it's called 'wintergreen' but I do love the fact that it's a pink candy with 'green' in its name.

Naturally, by my fifth hard candy it occurred to me I was probably destroying my new crown, and today, in true Mad Moore fashion, I'm fussing over the new crown, convinced I've cracked it. I don't have one of those little angled mirrors dentists have, so I had to fit a rather large hand mirror in my mouth and then before I could get a good look at the (upper, right, back) tooth the mirror fogged up.

Felix, of course, was working away at his computer, but he obligingly looked into my mouth and pronounced the new crown 'fine'.

I know it's fine. I always do this. I question the sanity in eating hard candy the day of a crown insertion, but what's done is done. The crown can take it...

Soon I'll phone my sister. She's been through a few of these dental weirdnesses with me. She'll say 'Shut up' and I'll be fine.

But I think I'll have pasta for supper, just to be safe.

xoxo the Maniacal Madeline Moore

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