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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

'Hurting Hugh'

Oh boy! There's nothing better than receiving an 'author copy' of an anthology that contains one of your very own stories - except, of course, receiving an 'author copy' of a novel written by you. Only by you I mean me.

Oh bother! What I'm trying to say is, I received an author copy of Getting Even: Revenge Stories today. My short story, 'Hurting Hugh' is terrific, if I do say so myself. It still makes me laugh. And it's full of rage, a need for vengeance, and a kind of joke rarely tell, jokes against men, lots and lots of jokes against men. The ending is cathartic, violent and intensely satisfying.

If you buy it (amazon.com, amazon.ca, amazon.uk etc.) let me know what you think of the stories, okay? And by you, I mean you.

Here's a taste:

I loved sex. At almost thirty I knew what worked for me and how to get it and I sure knew how to give it back. I was willing to experiment, sanely and consensually of course. That night, I just wanted to fall into kissing Hugh and see where it went. But I couldn't afford such sloppiness.
You can't let him think you're a slut and you can't let him think you're leading him on and you can't let him think you're a prude. It all has to do with timing and an awareness of the peculiarities of the man you're with. Information that you just don't have by the end of the first date.
Still, it was so terrific we kissed until our butts were frozen and it wasn't dusk any more, it was night. He tugged off a leather glove with his teeth and slipped his hand inside my many layers of clothing and cupped my breast. I rubbed his hard-on through his pants. He seemed satisfied with his handful and I was perfectly content with mine. Now I knew he could get it up and that he had decent sized equipment. That was enough information for one evening so, reluctantly, I admit, I insisted it was time to go. At the door to my building we kissed some more. We could see our breath rising like steam from two kettles on the boil. It was so great I hated to leave him there, alone, but I did. I always try to do the thing I will least regret if it turns out later to have been a mistake. Know what I mean?

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