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Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Thin White Sheet

Lust Bites is featuring a hot little essay on Sexual Fantasies today. One of the first fantasies, about doctors cooly examining their patient, reminded me of a fantasy based short story I wrote a long, long time ago - in fact it was one of the pieces D.M.Thomas read that inspired him to suggest I begin seriously writing erotica.

Here is part one of The Thin White Sheet:

The Thin White Sheet

She lies on a narrow table, naked under a thin sheet. Outside the open door, in the hallway, Lila hears the stop start sounds of the big shot doctor and his new team of sycophantic residents as they approach. She lets her knees fall open, ever ready. Dr. Harris stops again, the anxious group circling him. He is passing out invitations to his annual cocktail party for new residents. She knows this routine, she has been coming to this clinic for years. She chuckles to hear the muffled sound of heavily controlled excitement. They don't know what to do, these twittering birds, jump for joy or act as if they couldn't care less. Someday they will be doctors too. Someday they will have big houses, and difficult patients. Patients, perhaps, just like her.
The flock of doctors descends and the door is closed.
"You're just in time," she says, coolly appraising the group, "I was starting to get cold."
"This is an interesting case," says Dr. Harris, pulling up the thin sheet to expose her bent knees and open orifices. "She can only achieve orgasm anally."
"I'm sorry," says a skinny little Asian girl, her mouth curling up in consternation to match her eyes. "What does this mean?"
"Up the ass," says a big, black man. The skinny girl blushes to peach.
Dr. Harris' eyebrows raise slightly. "Graphic, Ben, but correct."
Ben grins, and Lila admires the vaginal pink and blueness of his lips.
"Observations, please," says the doctor. The five students snap on latex gloves in unison. As they gather around the woman the silence is not broken by her, rather, it is pierced by the sound of a beeper.
"Excuse me, " says the doctor. He grabs the beeper from his waist and watches the message march across the machine. The interns are totally silent, observing the doctor with adoration. Lila stretches and yawns. "There's an emergency at the hospital. I'll catch up with you as soon as I can. Until then, Ben, you're in charge."
They restrain themselves from bowing as the doctor leaves; Ben steps to the front, taking up twice the space the doctor did.
"Let's examine her for any unusual physical characteristics," he suggests. The other interns comply. Fingers descend into the patient's many orifices, counting her teeth, checking the strength of her vaginal muscle, the size of her clitoris, the suction of the anal sphincter. It is the latter, of course, that makes her gasp.
"What are you doing?" Ben says coldly at the sound of her indrawn breath. The guilty intern withdraws his finger, hiding his eagerness behind his thick glasses and thin, superior smile. In truth, he's probably never put his finger up an ass in his life. "Don't be an idiot. We're trying to cure her of that. "
"Why?" She speaks for the first time.
"If you don't know why you shouldn't be here," responds the Asian girl, both of her tiny yellow hands pressing the woman's abdomen.
"I 'm sorry, what does that mean?" Lila does a credible imitation of the girl and once again the intern blushes to peach. Ben wiggles his eyebrows at the embarassed girl and mutters, "She's got your number, Sandra."
"Yes," Lila thinks to herself, "and soon I'll have yours." Aloud she says, " I do know why I'm here. Do you?"
"Because it's unnatural," sputters another would-be M.D.
Lila looks Ben in the eye. "And you?"
"It's a dangerous practice these days. Besides, there's unlikely to be any physical reason for anal orgasm. It must be all up here." He taps his head.
"But surely the mind must be fucked before the body?"
"As the doctor in charge I suggest we continue the physical examination. " He is the one who leans his heavy hands on her breasts, though he gives the nipples to his sloe-eyed side-kick. The others take her temperature and pulse.
"It's confusing, really," mutters the bespectacled boy. "There would be no direct stimulation of the clitoris, no massage of the vaginal walls, how could she orgasm?"
Lila grunts with displeasure as the clumsy boy jams two fingers up inside her. "Take it easy." Peering through her knees she watches him stare at her cunt. Will he be the first to comment on the texture of her skin?
"Like velvet," murmurs Ben to Sandra. The girl nods, massaging the reluctant nipples into points.
"Very soft," she agrees.
Lila looks at Ben's black shining skin - her opposite, once again. She remembers a subway ride, long ago, and groans at the jarring difference between the bliss she encountered then and the torture she undergoes now. All in the name of science.
"It's beyond me," complains the lad with his fingers still twitching inside her.
"I think we need more information. Maybe we should wait for Dr. Harris."
"Here is all the information you need," she says haughtily, pushing on his chest with her heel to get his annoying hand outside her body," I am a woman. A woman should be fucked everywhere she can be fucked. In the cunt. In the mouth. Certainly in the ass."
The young doctors back away from the sudden vehemence of her expression and the force of her statements. She looks at the Asian girl, Sandra, who glances down, and at Ben, the black man, who meets her glare with one of his own.
"Men should stick everything they have, their cocks, their tongues, their toes and fingers, their noses if possible, into every orifice of a woman. Every inch of her should be fucked - her ears, behind her ears, her throat, the elbow, behind the knee. And when every other place is exhausted, he should put his weapon, his dick, as far up her ass as possible, break the last taboo, and claim the last space. That's how it should be. But that's not how it is. Get out."
"I'm in charge here," protests Ben, but it's too late. The frightened young doctors make haste to exit the tiny room. "Sandra, wait. I'll see the rest of you in the conference room in twenty minutes." The students, grateful for a break, take wing. Sandra reluctantly stays behind. Again the door is closed.
"You've humiliated me in front of my colleagues," Ben informs Lila. He hovers above her, dark and menacing. "You should be punished."
She has drawn the sheet down over her knees, leaving her bottom half covered, and her breasts exposed. Only the gleam in her eyes shows her willingness to participate.
"Let it go, Ben," mutters Sandra, pulling at his arm. He pulls away.
"We can do it Sandra. We can cure this sick woman and teach her a valuable lesson at the same time." He meets the tiny girl's eyes in a long, even stare. She drops her smooth, creaseless lids after a moment, and approaches the woman on the table. Sandra massages the large white breasts with her tiny hands, tweaks the nipples non too gently, then lowers her full lips to and begins to suck. Ben approaches the woman, Lila, and strokes her cheek. "Your skin is amazing." She raises one hand to his wrist and touches it, tries to circle it with her fingers but of course cannot. It's too big. She cups her palm around the knuckles and he makes a fist, burrowing it into her hand. There is a peaceful moment, as Sandra suckles softly at Lila's breast, then Ben removes his curled hand from Lila's and uses it to pull his cock from his pants and stick it in her mouth.
Ben's cock is huge, filling Lila's mouth, pressing against the back of her throat. She wills herself to open, not to choke. Sandra's hand slides down Lila's belly to her cunt and holds it for a moment before one slender finger invades the wet, soft space. Lila grinds against it, such a tiny thing inside her. She squeezes the walls of her vagina in a futile effort to trap the finger, to make it matter. Ben leans forward on the table, sticking his huge cock even further down her throat, and at last Lila is forced to surrender, gasping and choking for air. He pulls his cock from her mouth. Her spittle and a string of pre-ejaculate stretch between them and then breaks. He grins as she reaches up to massage her jaw.
"Punished," Ben reminds her, moving around Sandra and down to the end of the table. He tosses the sheet to the floor and grabs her ass, dragging Lila, and a quick stepping Sandra, to the very edge of the table.
"Please," she whimpers, but he releases her ass and slips one thick finger up inside her cunt. For a moment the black finger and the yellow finger pump her in unison, the Sandra slips her finger out and starts circling Lila's clit. She moves her mouth from Lila's breast. Lips pursed to a little round O, Sandra surrounds Lila's clit as Ben slips a second finger, and then a third, into Lila's cunt. She groans as the walls of her vagina are stretched by his fingers opening and closing inside her.
Together the two young doctors work her pussy while she bucks and heaves against them. Lila needs more - more pressure, more pain, less emptiness.
Ben watches Lila's skin begin to glisten, her eye behind closed lids vibrate with need.
"Fuck it," he mumbles, pulling his fingers out abruptly and then driving his cock up inside her cunt. Sandra raises her head and resumes manually massaging Lila's clit, this time harder, punishing the tiny seed as it strains out of it's sheath.
"Harder," begs Lila, so Ben wedges his thick body between her legs, stretching them out on either side of him as he slams into her with even more force. Sandra tortures Lila's clit with one hand and slips the other down the front of her slacks, diddling them both at the same time.
And all this time, not one finger, not one protuberance of any sort is introduced into Lila's ass.
"Goddam you," she hisses as Ben throws his head back and rams his cock up the full length of her vagina, banging her uterus back deep inside her. "Goddam."
Sandra's mouth opens and she falls forward over Lila's breasts, gasping against the breastbone as she comes. Ben groans and freezes for an instant, raising Lila's ass off the table and then slamming it back down as he comes in long, jerking spurts.
Lila stares at the two young people as they hastily arrange their own clothes and examine each other for telltale signs. Sandra scrubs Lila thoroughly with a wet paper wipe and then washes her hands. Ben tosses the white sheet over Lila's tense, flushed body.
"You could have come if you'd wanted to." He brushes the damp blonde hair away from her face in a moment of tenderness. She turns her face from him. She'd hoped he'd understood, but after all, he had not.
"Don't tell on us lady," mumbles Sandra as she picks her stethoscope up off the floor and slings it around her neck.
"She won't," says Ben. "Not if she wants to see us again." With that, the two doctors leave Lila alone once more.


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