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Monday, 12 March 2007

Work? Who, me?

For the last little while I've been soaring in virtual space, zooming in and out of Lust Bites, establishing a myspace presence (www.myspace.com/mymadmoore) posting my first Lust Bites blog (Is It Art?) which of course meant learning to import pictures, etc. and in general trying to get up to speed on establishing a presence on the net.

Still to come - a website of my own. Before that I must learn to establish links.
I suspect it's simple, but it's something I've yet to investigate. However, it's time to take a big breath and say, Whew. And after that, time to get back to work.

As a writer, I'm at home at the keyboard, thinkin' and typin' away. Felix Baron, an established erotica writer, does the same a room away. When the ideas are flowing and we're both cooking with gas, the apartment is silent except for the clicking of the keys as we tap out our tales. Once in awhile one of us will break for tea, or to take a shower, and then the sound of typing diminishes until that person zips back to the computer, hair still wet or cup of tea in hand, and the tap tap tapping is doubled again.

That's really the life of the writer. Joining Lust Bites has been a wonderful experience. The solitary life can become a little lonely, and as a Canadian writer of erotica there are no conferences or cocktail parties thrown by my publishers that I'm able to attend. It's a sorry state of affairs, really, and I admit to some envy when I read about my fellow members making plans to meet up at an event. I'd dearly love to meet face to face with all of them. But as a member of the Lust Bites blog I now have peers to talk to and it's fantastic. I love it.

Myspace, of course, is different. Everyone wants to be my friend! So I say, okay, let's be friends! I have no idea what, if anything, it all means. We'll see...

Eventually I'll take another break from writing and set up a website. But right now, I'm desperate to get back to cranking out the tales, full time. I will admit to being a total unitasker. It can be difficult for me, at times, but that's what I am. So I'm relieved to have everything established to my satisfaction, for now, and eager to hit the keys.

Coming up - I have a short story in Mitzi Szereto's anthology - Revenge, coming out later in 2007. My story is called 'Hurting Hugh'. It was tough to write because the character is an enraged, bitter woman who's little pilot light of hope has gone out. It's a helluva rant. I knew when I wrote it that Mitzi would buy it - I had that much confidence in it. I've written it for all women who feel poisoned by love.
That story will be published under my nom de plume, Madeline de Chambrey.

I have two novel proposals out right now and would like to get a third done and off to a romance publisher. So that's what I'll be doing for the next while. I'd also *love love love* to have a story in Alison Tyler's adorable ABC series. There are plenty of letters left in the series but I'm personally champing at the bit to get started... so to speak, silly!

This is the time of year when the tv/movie folk are sniffing around for new scripts and Felix and I have a pile of 'em, so we're both sending queries etc. to our contacts hoping to sell an option or be picked up to write an episode or two for tv.
Again, not easy in Canada but it can be done, we know as we've done it in the past.

So, folks, I'll be in an out of Lust Bites, posting my comments on the blogs as they appear, and I'll try to get in here from time to time, but if you're wondering where I am - I'm writing. And nothing makes me happier.


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